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CJC has been committed to providing quality molded rubber products over 15 years. Custom rubber formulations and broad molding production capabilities bring us to provides cost-effective solutions for long or short runs. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and to provide them with customized solutions. We also offer mold design assistance to improve the current products performence.


  CJC has been committed to providing high quality rubber rollers to Banking & ATM industry, OA industry and automation industry over 6 years.Whatever banknote handling roller, printer roller, card roller,etc, many industries needs rubber rollers to feed, transfer, dispensing etc, the same thing is Precision. Precision is vital element in cash handling, graphic printing, image copying, digital information reading etc.   
  CJC has CNC turning machines, lathes and grinding machines to ensure the dimensional accuracy and runouts, and laser instruments and image projectors to inspect the specifications. From small card reader roller to big printing roller, CJC has enough engineering and processiong ability to provide customers precision rubber rollers.



CJC dedicates to polyurethane processing industry for many years. From TDI,MDI,NDI to PPDI, CJC always keeps a humble learning attitude to serve the differernt applications. on the continous improving road, no body can say it is perfect matching. Hydrolysis, tensile strength, tear resistance,adhesion, load capacity, chemical  resistancecompression set, temperature range, abrasion, aging etc, all we want is better. CJC uses hot casting process to offer higher quality. We develop and manufacture polyurethane rollers, forklift wheels, belts, buffers, scooter wheels for solve heavy load capacity, higher speed and reliable compression set, adhesion, and elastomer solutions etc. 


CJC provides tubings and extrusion profiles made from Silicone, polyurethane and rubber material, solid and sponge types both. All silicone tubings and polyurethane tubings are meet the requirements of FDA. Our transparent silicone tubes and polyurethane tubings  can be extruded in many varieties to serve various application in medical grade.