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Equipments & Instruments For R&D, Quality Control etc

Digital Microscope-Keyence Optical Comparator-Keyence
YVM-CNC Projector Roller Laser Measuring Instrument-Minakushi
Abrasion and Wear Testing Machine

Moving Die Rheometer

Rubber Tensile Strength Tester Resistance Meter
Surface Roughness Tester Industrial Camera
Durometer-Shore Hardness Tester Compression Set Tester
Constant Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber High-Low Temperature Test Chamber
Anti-Yellow Aging Chamber Ozone Aging Testing Chamber

Engineering and Manufacturing Equipments 

CNC Rubber Roller Grinding Machine-Minakuchi CNC Large Rubber Roller Grinder-Minakuchi
CNC Lathe-Yechuan Extrusion Producing Line
Automatic Rubber Milling Machines Rubber Molding Press
Polyurethane Casting Machine Oven