Connector seal

Connector seals are mainly used for connector of automobile parts, electronic equipment, home appliances, and electric wires and cables of aerospace, playing the role of sealing protection. It can effectively prevent dust, water vapor, impurities, acid, a
Wire and cable connector seal is made of PUR, EPDM, EPM or other good quality rubber material, which has high abrasion-resistance, temperature resistance, aging corrosion resistance, and the wire seal can be used in flammable and explosive environment and also keep the excellent seal protection properties. 
  1. High protection level of IP67, waterproof and dustproof sealing effect
  2. Simple installation and low cost of replacement
  3. Excellent wear-resistance, tear resistance, low compression set
  4. Heat resistance, corrosion resistance and adapt to various conditions
  5. Used in electronic equipment, communication and automotive and aerospace cable system industy.