Polyurethane Load Wheel

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Load Wheel is made of NDI polyurethane elastomer with high load capacity performance for material handling and mechanical engineering industry. The largest available wheel diameter is 1000mm.
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Polyurethane Load wheel for forklift industry and mechanical engineering industry. 

CJC develops and manufactures NDIthane load wheels with cast iron wheel rim. Wheel diameter is from 150mm to 1000mm. Load capacity is from 500kg to 20000kg. 

NDIthane wheel tread have outstanding mechnical properties and excellent dynamic performance: 

High load capacity                          High abrasion resistance                      No marking 

Low rolling resistance                    Good temperature resistance             Long run       

 As above properties, we also custom anti-static wheels, high speed wheels for customers. 


Shovel plate bracket truck                                                                                                  Forklift 
 Engineering equipment                                                                                                 Bridge maintenance 
Agricultural equipment                                                                                                  Aggregate transport