Polyurethane Forklift wheel

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CJC develops and manufactures forklift wheels and tires made of NDIthane elastomer, including forklift drive wheel, forklift load wheel, forklift press on tire, forklift pallet roller etc.  These wheels have more high load capacity, high abrasion resistan
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     Polyurethane storage forklift wheel is made by pouring polyurethane NDI material. The mature bonding process ensures no degumming, cracking, or dropping of blocks. Elastomeric high-performance compounds provide exceptional traction with a long life.
    It has a large bearing capacity and is mainly used in electric forklift trucks, storage and stacking trucks and automatic vehicles. High wear resistance, low compression deformation, low endogenous heat, excellent dynamic mechanical properties, effective shock absorption, suitable for various environments.

                                                     Electric forklift                                                                                                               Pusher truck

                                                                                                                           Automated vehicle