Rubber Mounts

We develop and manufacture rubber anti vibration mounts for  automotive, heavy equipment, construction machinery as well as train industry. We develop elastomer formulas, bonding agents, and parts designs for better reliability and durability.
    Rubber shock absorb damperas an essential shock absorbing part, is widely used in automotive , railway transit and mechanical industry and other parts need shock absorbing. Usually made of EPM, PMQ, NBR, PU and other rubber material.
    Rubber damper has the properties of resilience, abrasion resistance, excellent damping and reducing noise. High quality rubber can be well bonded with metal parts, convenient for manufacturing and installation, and can be made different shape to meet the requirement of hardness and strength.
  1. Excellent mechanical performance, high wear resistance and tensile strength
  2. Good resilience, elastic modulus is smaller than metal
  3. Simple structure to install and shape
  4. Excellent damping and effectively cushion high-frequency vibration energy
  5. Good adhesion with metal and keep the complete structure