Scooter Wheel

Item No.: 23
NDI-polyurethane scooter wheel can offer higher speeds, long run, extremely impact resistance. Resilience: 88A . Outdiamter: 110mm, 115mm, 120mm, 125mm.
Aluminum Scooter Wheels

    CJC takes advanced polyurethane material technology and processing technology to manufacture high quality scooter wheel with a choice of sizes ranging from 110mm to 125mm. The core is made of high structure aluminum material 7075 and finished by anodizing with different colors as requirements.

The cores or hubs can be machined to different spoked type as drawings. We provide logo or painting value added service. there are different compounds in PU Serires. We take NDI to do the hot casting processing. That makes sure the strong bonding, higher rebonds, resistance to impact and  excellent abrasion resistance etc. CJC develops polyurethane wheel for industrial forklift wheels with heave load property, and the scooter wheels are engineered with high speed property, we foun out the better combination between resilience and hardness.