Engineered Components: Wheels, Rollers and Anti-vibration Control Parts



   CJC is committed to supplying customers with high quality products with technology. We are a customer-oriented manufacturer and supplier. Based on the specific requirements of customers, we provide custom material formulation and processing to meet their needs and deliver the satisfaction to them. All we can do is built on our development teams and their experienced technology. 




Material R&D 


 Product Development

We are committed to developing high-performance elastomeric materials for customers' requirements, including polyurethane elastomer, micro-cellular polyurethane, synthetic rubber, silicone, etc. 
       Through advanced molding design technology, we help customers fulfill the reality of products. We have one professional molding engineers team to implement product development with "ideas" of quality and efficiency.  


Quality Control



Production Capacity

From the material development to finished components, all deliverables are fully inspected by our QC through complete testing equipment, including dimensional measurement,  performance testing, lifetime testing, etc. All our products can need strict quality requirements.
      We have rich experience in manufacturing high-quality elastomeric products, including polyurethane casting, rubber moldings, and rubber extrusion, etc. The product sizes we can manufacturer are from 5g to 20kg. Our fully automatic production lines bring customers high efficient products.