Undercarriage Wheels for Rubber Track

We develop and manufactures undercarriage wheels for rubber track solutions in construction and agriculture machinery. NDIthane drive wheels provide better traction, longer life time, higher load capacity and protection of rubber tracks etc.
Description Factory environment
NDIthane drive wheel is made of NDI polyurethane elastomer with high load capacity and outstanding abrasion resistance. 
This material is developed and compounded by CJC according to the extreme working conditions of constrution machinery, engineering machinery, agriculture machinery, mining machinery and bogie applications. 

The wheel size is from 250mm to 1200mm. We are only one manufacturer for NDIthane drive wheel with diameter more than 1000mm based on the big casting volume equipment.  The maximum load capacity can be up to 43000kg. And the abrasion resistance property is double better than regular polyurethane tread and 7 times better than rubber materials. 

NDIthane drive wheels are mainly used as rubber track wheel. It provides excellent high load capacity and rubber track protection with longer life time. 
Meanwhile NDIthane drive wheels are used as bogie wheels and idle wheels also with better traction performance and high load capacity.