Vacuum Suction Cups

Item No.: 18
Vacuum suction cups are used for material handling and automation industry for gripping, lifting and transfering. As the Industry 4.0 develops, vacuum suction cups are widely used in manufacturing and packaging processing for automatic production line.
     CJC engineers and manufactures different types, sizes, and shapes vacuum suction cups for a variety of applications. Vacuum suction cups can be equiped on Robotic ARMs to fulfill automatic gripping, feeding, lifting, transfering and packaging fuctions etc. Based different industries, we develop different compounds and specifications to meet the needs, such as silicone vacuum suction cups for semiconductive and food industries because of environmental and temperature resistance properties; rubber vucuum suction cups are wided used in automotive industry and other industries, because of cost-efficiency and vary   We supply suction cup in material of silicone to food and beverage industry, and we supply polyurethane vacuum suction cups and other rubber material vacuum suction cups also.