Polyurethane Cast and Moulded Parts

Item No.: 17
Polyurethane cast and moulded parts are engineered for seals or components in devices and machines with good resistance to chemicals and lubricants, weathering and radiation, high compressive strength, high abrasion resistance and low deformation.

Polyurethane cast and moulded parts for engineering Sourcing ! 

CJC has powerful casting plants and mold construction,compound development facility and strong engineering capability to offer high performance cast and moulded parts for mechanical engineering. Polyurethane cast and moulded pars are made from polyurethane elastomer to fulfill multiple fuctions,like conveyor equipment, gears, belts, drive elements, rollers, wearing parts, linings, metal or non-metallic combinations, scrapers, vibration damper, seals, mountings, membranes, etc because of its allround properties.