Polyurethane Press-on Tyres for Shield Machines and Tunnel Boring Machines

NDIthane press-on tyres for Shield Machines and Tunnel Boring Machines have the best high load  capacity, strong wearing resistance, outstanding traction and gripping performance, lower deformation. We also provide other type wheels and rollers  for tunne
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We supply NDIthane press on tyres, drive wheels, load wheels and polyurethane bandages for EPB Shields, AVN machines, Double Shield TBMs, Single Shield TBMs and other tunnelling machines. These wheels are made of NDIthane polyurethane elastomer with high load capacity up to 5000kgs. 

These wheels used on tunnelling machines have excellent mechanical properties, including high tearing resistance, lower compress set, at the same time, they have high friction value for gripping and traction power. 

Because of high reliability and durability, these wheels can be used in other rough working condition, such as mining machinery, pipe engineering, offshore engineering etc.